Understanding Toxins and Detox

In our increasingly industrialized world, chemicals are everywhere. We have relied upon these chemicals to help us grow our food, provide our water supply, build our homes and cure our diseases. In many ways, these chemicals have been crucial to our development and growth in modern society. But many doctors and researchers have also recognized that some of these chemicals can be toxic and cause serious health problems for those who are exposed to them over time.

Understanding Healthy Weight and Weight Loss

If you're like many people, you've tried a number of fad diets and various fitness regimes to reach a healthy weight. After some initial success, you probably hit a plateau and became discouraged. From that point, it's easy to give up and slide back into bad habits. Before you know it, you're back to your old ways, eating the foods that you know drain your energy and letting your exercise plans slip. After going through this frustrating cycle a few times, it's no wonder many people give up on l

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

There is a deep and inextricable link between the mind and the body, and it's vital to understand this connection in order to start or continue on your path to wellness. Perhaps you feel like you've forgotten what it's like to feel energetic, experience joy, or even desire something strongly. When you experience mood changes, it can be difficult to feel motivated to do much or, conversely, you can become overwhelmed by the minutiae of life. This can negatively affect our relationships, work per

Understanding Migraines and Headaches

Migraines and headaches can be difficult to understand. Despite the many years — and many dollars — spent researching causes and seeking solutions, people around the world still suffer from debilitating headaches that can come on without warning and last for days. Migraines can come in many shapes and forms, but they all include serious pain and fatigue. Perhaps the most challenging part of migraines is their unpredictability. Migraine sufferers can go from feeling completely healthy and vibran

Understanding Your Thyroid Health

Do you often find yourself looking for tasks you can (continue to) push off? How about that pile of undone to-dos still lurking on your desk? Did you used to have the motivation and the stamina to get things done, but now you find yourself exhausted and barely able to get through the day? Or maybe you've been carrying around some extra weight you've tried to get rid of more times than you can remember. But no matter how many changes you make to your diet and how much exercise you do, you just c

Understanding Inflammation

If you've been suffering from a chronic health condition, then you have probably heard about inflammation. You may even be on medication currently that reduces the amount of inflammation in your body. 90% of all disease in the body increases inflammation in one way or another. But what is inflammation exactly, and why does it occur? Understanding the role of inflammation in your overall health is key to taking back control of your life. The truth is, inflammation is never the root cause of your

Understanding Adrenal Fatigue

There is perhaps no greater stress than not having the energy to be present in your life —and when you are struggling with your adrenals, the more stress you are under, the worse it gets. Having adrenal function problems, also known as adrenal fatigue, can be debilitating, making even everyday tasks difficult. However, if you have the information you need to understand the imbalances in your body, you can restore your systems and feel well again...

Understanding Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue is something everyone experiences at some point or another. Usually, after catching up on some rest over a weekend or taking a much-needed vacation, you can recharge your battery. But when fatigue becomes a constant in your life, it can feel like nothing is going right. Having the energy you need to get your work done and spend quality time with your loved ones is essential to a healthy life. When fatigue has worn you down, it can be a struggle to get even the bare minimum done. And of...

Understanding Bacterial Overgrowth

Do you feel like you keep bouncing from one health issue to another without experiencing what it's like to feel completely well? Perhaps you started with a sinus infection, but once you received treatment for it, you got a yeast infection. After treating the yeast infection, you find yourself suffering from constipation and bloating. When you try to address that issue, you realize that you have a stubborn fungal infection on your big toenail. Once the fungal infection is under control...

Inflammation and Joint Pain: Causes and Recovery

Joints compose some of the most complex parts of the human body. Muscles, bones, cartilage, ligaments, fascia, and tendons all work together at a joint to make it possible to enjoy a full range of motion for a task as simple as walking. However, it is only after experiencing serious elbow or shoulder pain, for example, that the importance of healthy joints is recognized. Once there is a level of pain that inhibits regular physical activity, other issues may arise as well. Understanding the sou

SNEAK PEEK: Triib's New Mobile App

Member experience is no longer taking place solely at your gym, studio, health club or fitness center. Gym management software is so advanced that it can not only track important business data, but it can also strengthen your community. Moreover, gym software mobile apps make it easy for your members to stay connected outside of the gym! We’re excited to share a sneak peek of the new and improved Triib Mobile App! We’re certain that these advancements and updates will streamline your business e

How To Get New Members At Your Gym Without Offering Discounts

So if you don’t offer discounts you might be wondering, how do I get new members in the doors of my gym? Savvy gym owners know how to offer so much value that they don’t need to discount their memberships because they have people knocking down their gym doors through the following incentives: The biggest argument in favor of offering LBOs is to convince members to join who are afraid of making a financial commitment such as a year-long contract, or cancelation fees. Avoid this by implementing a

The Ultimate List Of Fitness Business Podcasts

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of fitness business podcasts for fit biz entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers focused on owning and running a gym or studio, or a remote or personal training program below for you. The shows on this list cover the full spectrum of fitness industry related topics such as retention, increasing revenue, the latest in software, interviews with important industry voices, and more. Happy listening!

Announcing the new Tribe Method Podcast

The Triib team is excited to announce the launch of our brand new podcast “Tribe Method: A Podcast For Gym Owners” hosted by Triib’s Head of Marketing, Evan Bartus. The show features in-depth conversations with gym owners and fitness leaders on everything from industry news to business tactics and more! Listeners will be treated to a dive into the boutique fitness industry, where we investigate the stories behind some of the world’s best athletes and fitness business professionals. We’ll explore

Relaunch of The Triib Kiosk

At Triib we’re focused on making the gym owner’s day-to-day easier and optimizing business operations. We heard your feedback and we made sure the new and improved technology behind our Kiosk relaunch lives up to this standard. Checking-in is the first interaction your current members and new visitors will have when they enter the gym. We want to help you make an impression! What’s awesome about the new Kiosk? For starters, we heard some gym owners are operating our software on older devices.

Equipment Essentials: What To Buy Now (And Later) When Outfitting Your Gym

Equipment costs are a business expense that can certainly add up for a new or growing gym. It’s easy to get sidetracked by all the bells and whistles that the fitness industry has to offer. Therefore, it’s important to set a strategic plan in place when outfitting your gym. It’s also important to keep in mind that you don’t need every single piece of equipment in order to open your gym doors. Moreover, while some pieces of equipment are trendy or “nice to have” (i.e., sandbags, sleds, climbing

Add Value To Your Gym With A Nutrition Program

No matter how often you work out, if your diet is lacking in nutritional value, you’re less likely to see results. However, it’s critical to the success of your business that your members see results. Offering nutrition at your gym is an added value that will help your members reach their goals. Plus, the more value that you provide, the less likely your gym is to become a revolving door. Additionally, nutrition services create a new revenue stream for your business. Above all, time is money to

Forward Looking For Affiliate Owners: CrossFit Health

As a CrossFit Affiliate Owner, you’re likely familiar with the young, buff, ‘kool-aid drinking’ CrossFit athlete stereotype. However, that’s most likely not an accurate representation of the membership at your gym. So, who is the average athlete coming into your gym? Will the recent changes to the format of the CrossFit Games, and the focus on CrossFit Health, affect the demographics of the sport at large or the membership at your gym? Triib gym owners Mike Burnes and PJ Massey, Co-Owners of

Forward Looking For Affiliate Owners: CrossFit Health

It seems as though CrossFit Affiliate Owners everywhere are debating how the recent changes in the sport will affect business in 2019 and beyond. In particular, the de-emphasis on the competitive aspect of the sport and the increased focus on health has stirred up much discussion. In order to gain some perspective on the topic, we sat down with Mike Burnes and PJ Massey, Co-Owners of CrossFit Rail Trail (CFRT), and Ronda Rockett, M.D., Owner of CrossFit Launchpad. As advocates of CrossFIt’s new
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